parsik-hill-2The residents of Parsik Hill are frustrated with the ongoing sewerage pipeline work that has seen digging on the narrow road leading to Bhagwat Dham. The work that is being done by Pratibha Industries is left half done and the residents allege that NMMC officials-contractors nexus is at work again. The road leading to Bhagwat Dham in Parsik Hills has been dug by NMMC to lay sewerage pipelines. However, the residents and the devotees of the temple have expressed frustration over the ongoing work saying that it has been left incomplete. What’s worse is that the narrow road has been dug and the usual 10 meter road has been reduced to a mere 3 meter. The trustee of Bhagwat Dham, Kamlaksh Das expressed frustration that despite MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik visiting the area, Pratibha Industries failed to complete the work. Parsik Hill while is one of the beautiful spots of Navi Mumbai has very steep turns and narrow roads. During night time it becomes all the more difficult for pedestrians and vehicles as the area also lacks streetlights. With the ongoing work, any accident could take place due to the steep curves, especially during the night. Residents of the area demanded that the road should be made a two way lane. The pedestrians complained that with the incomplete road work and then with vehicles passing by, it becomes very difficult for them to even cross roads. NMMC has given the contract of laying down the pipelines to the infamous Pratibha Industries. The contractor has started work in almost every node of the city and the hassles of huge pipelines lying on footpaths have become a common thing across the city. With the slow pace of work by the contractor and monsoons nearing, looks like the residents of not just Parsik Hill but other nodes too are going to have one painful monsoon this year. With cameraperson Satish Garud, Gangasingh Rajpurohit for NMTV News.

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