prathibha-Ind-1Labor violation – that is the latest that the Pratibha Industries contractor has indulged in or so it seems. On Parsik Hills, in the on going construction of their water tank, the violations are exposed at any point of time. According to labor safety and construction rules, when any digging work is deep, then it is mandatory for the contractor to build a concrete safety wall on all the walls of the sides so that there is no accident where in workers are trapped. If we turn the pages back into time, then in nearly 12 accidents, over 20 labors have lost their lives due to negligence of contractors and violation of labor safety norms. One accident being at Mallum Mall, Koperkhairane where 9 workers were killed. Later due to the rise in such accidents, the TPO of NMMC declared safety walls as a must at construction sites. But now NMMC seems to be violating its own rule. This is evident at the construction site of the water tank on Parsik Hills. The water tank is being constructed by Pratibha Industries to store Morbe Dam water. At the site, construction workers are seen working in ground nearly 8 feet below surface. There is neither a safety wall nor any helmets given to the workers on site. And there isn’t much that needs to be put into words about the dangerous situation in which the workers are working as the mud can slide with a little movement. To add to the danger, one can see heavy vehicles moving around at the site. When we spoke to the engineer supervising the work he accepted that the situation could be very dangerous. At NMMC, the executive engineer Ravindra Bhogaonkar refused to speak on camera but assured that he will look into the violations. If such violations are overlooked by NMMC and contractor, it not only makes a mockery of the land’s rules and norms but also puts the lives of the poor labors in grave danger. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Rajeev Mishra for Navi Mumbai News.


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