Pratibha Industries’ laying of the water pipelines across the city is now becoming an obstacle in the pre-monsoon cleaning work. The water pipelines are being laid down at the sides of the road near the gutters and where the use of JCB would have cleaned the gutters, labors are forced to do it manually. The gutters and drainages in several parts of Navi Mumbai cannot be cleaned due to the water pipelines laid down by Pratibha industries. The water pipelines are being installed by Pratibha Industries from sec 17 to sec 29 are close to the side of the roads which is becoming an obstacle for the pre-monsoon cleaning work. To pull out the debris and garbage in the choked gutters, usually JCB machine was used but as these pipelines are coming in between the labors have to manually remove the debris slowing cleaning work progress. This clearly indicates the lack of planning done by NMMC for the entire process of laying down pipelines in the city as now how does NMMC plan to clean the gutters before monsoon. NMMC city engineer refused to speak to us on camera but according to him, there was nothing wrong in the way Pratibha industries was laying down pipelines. Even the executive engineer of the project refused to speak to us on camera. With cameraperson Sitaram, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.


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