chemical-worker-5The Association of Chemical Workers and Engineering Workers called for a press conference to celebrate the golden jubilee of their organization. The occasion also brought to light the n number of issues that haunts the chemical industries The Association of Chemical Workers and Engineering Workers is celebrating 50 years of its existence and they decided to share the celebrations with the media. Though it is 50 years – there isn’t much reason to celebrate as the industry faces its worst years in the history. Once upon a time, the chemical industries were the jewels of Asia’s golden Thane Belapur Industrial Belt but when a city was made bank opposite the belt, slowly things started changing. The state failed to study the consequences and for reasons more than one, many chemical industries started putting the plugs off or shifting bases. A report submitted by the association stated that out of the 334 chemical units and 162 engineering units, only 102 chemical and 94 engineering units were operational. And the affected blame the state’s lax attitude for the same. Today the scenario is such that IT companies are coming in place of chemical industries rendering thousands of workers jobless. In other functioning units, poor wages and exploitation are scaring workers away while in the rest the management is giving little choice but for the workers to take VRS and the likes. As the Association of Chemical Workers and Engineering Workers celebrate their association’s golden jubilee, the celebrations are marred with the issues that haunt them and are here to stay. With cameraperson Rajendra Prasad, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.

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