Dynastic rule was made the single biggest allegation against the Naik family in these assembly elections. Every candidate made this an issue to attack Ganesh Naik and Sandeep Naik’s candidature appealing voters to vote against them. But the voters have given a fitting reply to these allegations said Ganesh Naik after the results were announced as he once again established that he is the badshah of Navi Mumbai. With Dr. Sanjeev Naik having been given the parliamentary candidature from Thane Lok Sabha constituency, the allegations of dynastic rule by the Naik family had begun. And when Sandeep Naik’s candidature was announced from Airoli, the opposition made dynastic rule of the Naik family a poll issue. So much so that the Congress corporators united and resigned from the party naming the past district Chief Namdeo Bhagat as the Congress rebel candidate against Ganesh Naik in Belapur constituency and Vasant Mhatre as the Congress rebel candidate from Airoli constituency. But the rebel factor seems to have had no impact on the electoral results as NCP candidates won with a comfortable lead in both Airoli and Belapur constituency. When the media posed this question to Ganesh Naik, he said that he has never criticized the act of the Congress rebel even during the elections. On the questions of allegations of dynastic rule, he said that the voters of Navi Mumbai have given a fitting reply to these allegations by voting for progress and development. Ganesh Naik also shared with the media his immediate priorities for his constituency. Ganesh Naik thanked voters for continuing to support progressive thoughts and stable leadership. There were so many allegations of dynastic rule, criticism and rebel factor against Ganesh Naik in Navi Mumbai during these elections but the results have established again that Ganesh Naik is indeed the badshah of Navi Mumbai politics and the citizens’ first choice for their leadership. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.

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