mukhtar-ansari-5The murder of Rabale constable is heating up the political scenario at the state level. The case has once again raised the issue of criminalization of politics and its outcome, that this time round has made the promoters – the victims. The murder of Gopal Vasant Saidana is becoming a political blame game. If reports are anything to go by, it is none other than the State Home Minister R R Patil who has objected to the intervention of Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik in the interrogations of the case with Mukhtar Ansari. Mukhtar Ansari – is a NCP party worker and notorious for deals in scrap selling business. Sources allege that the police have always known of his illegal conduct but in the past action was never taken against him; in fact on several occasions have been party to it. This has been alleged by the SSEA who have put on record the nexus of Rabale PSI Ashok Dhury with scrap dealers and thieves and had even submitted a letter in this regard to DCP Amar Jadhav on the 13th of this month. Had the police taken serious note of the letter from these commoners, the cop might not have been become victim to it. It is unfortunate that a cop had to loose his life due to the callousness of the police and politicians. Moreover despite having a criminal record, Ansari was made the ward President of the NCP party. Despite the hue and cry of criminalization of politics, persons with criminal record continue to attain key posts on political party and are known to misuse political power to indulge in illegal activities and get away with it. This is one of the reasons why several corporators at NMMC are in the corporation despite having criminal records. Only this time round, the police-politicians nexus with criminals has backfired and a cop lost his life while top ministers of the cabinet are tossing blame on each other. Even as Ganesh Naik maintained a dignified silence over his role, there is no denying that the brutally beating up of Ansari’s sons, who have no criminal records whatsoever has not reflected well on the police. Had it not been for the Guardian Minister’s timely intervention, one of them could have been killed in police custody. On other hand, the act of harboring a person with criminal record by giving him a post has not reflected well on the ruling NCP Party. The Dy. Home Minister R R Patil should take serious cognizance of the fact that Ansari had a criminal record and was his own party worker and despite knowing about his activities, the police seldom acted till one of their own men became a victim. Airoli has become the epicenter of criminal activities and the political significance of the area in the next assembly elections is aggravating it. Moreover the Dy. C M should also ensure that police have justification for beating up Ansari’s son, who have no criminal records on not just grounds of humanity but so that injustice not be done to the innocent.

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