rabale-1The proposal to construct a skywalk connecting Rabale Railway Station to MIDC industrial area worth over Rs 2 crore has been approved by the NMMC General Body. The skywalk will facilitate workers going to MIDC and vice versa. The number of people working in MIDC industrial area has increased manifolds in the recent past. Therefore, commuting at Rabale Railway Station is increasing and many people cross the highway to go to MIDC area which can prove fatal since the traffic on the highway is also increasing. Moreover, vehicles always come at a speed, hence the NMMC’s decision of constructing a skywalk was the need of the hour. The approval for the same was approved recently in the NMMC General Body meet. This skywalk will provide safe commuting for the residents of nearby villages and slums who regularly go to MIDC industrial area for work. Earlier pedestrians and officer goers had to risk their lives and cross the road. Once the skywalk is constructed, it will surely benefit the local people as well as the employees of MIDC. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Nilofar Shaikh for NMTV News.

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