sez-victory1It was a time to celebrate their victory and warn farmers that the battle was not over. According to leader and activists who guided farmers to beat Mukesh Ambani in the Raigad land battle, the industrial giant is not going to accept this insulting defeat and there must be another conspiracy being made to grab farmer’s land. They also made allegations Sunil Tatkare and Narayan Rane for working against farmers’ interest. Its celebrations time in Raigad ! Farmers are relieved and ecstatic for they have won the battle of their land against the mighty Mukesh Ambani. Imagine having to fight not just against one of the richest and most powerful industrial giants of the world but even your own government and so-called leaders. It’s definitely not easy to say the least. But the farmers were never gave up their fight for they were fighting for their land and for farmers of Raigad, their land is their mother. And when they beat Mukesh Ambani, leaders of Raigad who guided farmers in their testing times, gathered to celebrate the moment with a “victory meet”. Veteran leader N D Patil and social activist Ulka Mahajan were the present during the celebrations where in farmers felicitated N D Patil for putting up a strong fight against the state to protect their lands. Some alert farmers who played the crucial role of creating awareness in their fellow farmers were also felicitated for their contribution. During their address the leaders recalled some of the popular statements and turning points of the battle for land. Taunting at the money offers that Reliance was making for farmer’s land, N D Patil said that there was a moment when farmers starting wondering what they would do with all the money? That is when they came up with the idea of “investing” in the 27 floors residence that Mukesh Ambani was building for himself at Malabar Hills. He said that they even proposed to use 6 parking floors of the building for keeping their cattle. He even justified their proposal by stating that if Mukesh Ambani could eye the lands of 24 thousand farmers of Raigad then what was wrong if the farmers starting eying Ambani’s 27 floored posh residence? Bringing to light the sad plight of farmers in the country, N D Patil said that in the last 12 years, more than 42000 thousand farmers have committed suicide, which did not even happen in the 150 years of British rule in India. The meet was did not only aim at celebrating the feat against Reliance but also to inform the farmers that there battle is not over yet. Crusader of the public movement against SEZ in Raiad – Ulka Mahajan alerted the farmers to stay on their guard. She said that Ambani would not stay quite after the insulting defeat against farmers and he is already working on wash away the defeat tag on Reliance post the victory of farmers in Raigad. Some serious allegations were also levied by Ulka Mahajan during the victory meet. She exposed how the so called leaders elected by people win on the mandate of citizens but work as agents for the rich and mighty. Hitting out at former Revenue Minister Narayan Rane, Ulka Mahajan said that he had termed the land in Raigad as infertile but challenged him to stay away from making such remarks else the public would show him, his place. Continuing to hit out at Narayan Rane and Raigad Guardian Minister Sunil Tatkare, Ulka Mahajan said that during the cabinet meeting, when the state decided to de-notify the land of farmers, some Minister started getting stomach aches. She taunted at that these Ministers have a lot of land in Konkan which they should give for projects like SEZ. If leaders of the stature of Narayan Rane and Sunil Tatkare play the role of agents for the rich and mighty in the corridors of power, it speaks of the magnitude of the battle that the poor have to fight for their rights that the constitution guarantees them. There is no denying that by winning the battle for land against Mukesh Ambani, farmers in Raigad have set an ideal example for farmers all over the nation fighting against corporate land grab. If you stay united, have the will and determination, the story of the ant and elephant does happen even in reality. In Raigad with Monika Bhosale, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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