railwayLocal train commuters have raised voice against the railway authorities and CIDCO for charging additioal tax for the expenditure incurred for the construction of the bridge over Vashi creek. They have alleged that while the amount has been paid up for by way of tax, the authorities are busy filling their coffers with the tax payers’ money. The recovery of the amount spent on the construction of the bridge over the Vashi creek has once come under controversy. It maybe recalled that the railway bridge was constructed by the railway and CIDCO authorities at a cost of Rs 42 crore 56 lakh and 80 thousand for better connectivity from Vashi to Mankurd in the year 1992. Out of this expenditure, 67% was that of CIDCO while 33% was that of the railways. Constructed on the basis of Build, Operate and Recovery, the amount was recovered from commuters by way of tax. While this system has been going on for years, in a shocking revelation, a report asked by the Nerul Merchant Association states that the railways have not just collected the expenditure amount but have accumulated Rs 195 crore extra from commuters. The General Secretary of the association has alleged this as a huge malfunction by the authorities, looting the tax payer’s money. The General Secretary has quested that when the construction amount of the bridge is about Rs 43 crores then why were the commuters charged with five time more the amount. The railway authorities have nearly accumulated Rs 200 crores by way of charging extra money which was revealed through a RTI. The general opinion of the commuters too was that of anger and frustration. Some even stated that it was a nexus between the railway authorities and CIDCO which has to be immediately stopped. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV news.

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