And well, a live theft is what we have got for our viewers today where a robber looted railway accessories and was then caught by the police. The trio that you see wandering about on the railway tracks of the CBD Belapur railway station is not looking for their lost belongings but eyeing to rob off the railway accessories. As you can see, amongst the three, two are women. These exclusive visuals show to you how the male accomplice is removing the iron accessories and putting it in his sack. If you are wondering how we could capture this live – let us tell you how we did it? NMMC headquarters is situated near the railway station and on the eighth floor is the press room from where our team captured the theft in our camera lenses. Our team along with the other media persons informed the CBD railway police about the theft but received a negative answer as they stated that railway thefts did not fall under their jurisdiction but of the railway authorities. Calling upon the railway authorities, the department sent only one constable to catch the trio and you can see for yourself with how much adeptness the constable carried out his duty. While the constable went near the robbers, he made no effort to catch. It was then the turn of the media persons to catch the robbers. The scenario was no different from what is often picturized in films – police either arriving late or failing to nab criminals. Seeing the involvement of the media, the Railway Sub-Inspector stationed at CBD arrived at the scene and confessed to NMTV News that the misplacement of iron accessories can even cause accidents. The constable who failed to nab the robbers could only defend himself. Journalists spoke about the need to have active police force at railway stations. We hope that this coverage will be taken with utmost seriousness by the railway police force who in the live robbery seen in our visuals seems to have failed miserably in doing it.


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