rail-track-1Railway statistics show that many deaths are caused while commuters cross railway tracks. Commuters have voiced that the railway authorities must build a boundary wall so as to avoid people from crossing. Crossing railway tracks routinely results in loss of life in the city, but people still do not seem to learn. And neither do the railway authorities appear to be bothered about improving the woefully inadequate medical facilities at the stations. Not less than 185 cases of death while crossing railway lines were registered in 2008. The injured numbered 58. This year 42 cases of death on the tracks have been registered in just three months. Commuters expressed that the railway authorities should build a compound wall around the tracks. And even after so many mishaps requiring urgent medical attention, the railway authorities have not brought medical facilities at station up to the required level. Keeping in mind the number of commuters, the medical facilities provided by the CR are not just sufficient. Vashi railway station alone sees 62,730 commuters daily. For this large number of commuters, only two stretchers are kept at the station. While authorities claim that measures had been taken to ensure the injured are rushed to the hospital in case of an accident. The station has also tied up with 1298 ambulance service. The ambulance is well quipped and is available at any hour. However, when we surveyed the station, there was no ambulance found. NMTV News appeals to commuters to be careful and shrug off the lethargy they feel in climbing foot-over bridges to go from one platform to another. While crossing tracks is time saving, life is precious. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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