raam-pradaan-7The findings of the Ram Pradhan committee, which inquired into the lapses and blunders leading to, and those that occurred on 26/11, will be made public next Monday. The controversial Ram Pradhan Committee report that had sparked differences in the Congress NCP combine would be finally released next Monday. The release of the report has been directly linked to the Ajmal trial. The government has said that it will be made public “soon after the prosecution’s witness statement part in the case comes to an end”. The government has formed a core committee, comprising members from both the ruling and opposition parties, to discuss the contents of the report, and to suggest the future course of action to strengthen the security mechanism in the state. In a major placation of the opposition, state home minister RR Patil announced on Monday in the state assembly, at present in session in Nagpur, that the report will be tabled and discussed in the core committee. Patil has said that the report, which is being tabled without any cut, will be available to everybody. When asked about the threat to the law and order situation and the international security as anticipated by the government, Patil said, that they were worried that the sensitive remarks in the report could have hampered the Kasab trial. The contents of the report will not be discussed in the house, but will be taken up for discussion in the 15-member core committee comprising the chief minister, deputy chief minister, home minister, opposition leaders of both the houses, and group leaders of the key parties.

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