Ramesh shinde is all lost in his first meeting as NMMC standing committee chairman

30 proposals in his first meeting itself proved to be quite a challenge for NCP’s Ramesh Shinde as he chaired his first meeting as NMMC standing committee chairman. There were no crucial discussions on important proposals; his party colleagues in the standing committee had to correct where ramesh shinde seemed to be erring while the chairman failed to have convincing answers making everyone see how lost ramesh shinde was during his debut meeting as NMMC standing committee chairman.

All didn’t look well for NCP corporator ramesh shinde as he chaired his first meeting as NMMC standing committee chairman. To the surprise of everyone 30 proposals of crucial civic works were tabled at the meeting for approval of members. It may be noted that very rarely had 30 proposals come together for approval when anant sutar was the chairman. Also, since most members of the standing committee are first timers, they had little to say or discuss on the proposals. As a result majority of the proposals were approved without a single word of debate or discussion. Only senior corporators anant sutar and shivram patil had anything to discuss or question. One such proposal being in regards to construction of a hall and extensions at NMMC etc center for children with disabilities coming up at sector 30 a, Vashi at a cost of rs.1 crore 75 lacs 2 thousand 785. Anant sutar raised several questions on the need for this work and demanded information from the administration. He was backed by his party colleague shivram patil. The administration did not have the information demanded by anant sutar nor did they have answers for his queries.

One would have thought that being a standing committee member for one year; ramesh shinde would have learnt how to conduct the meeting from anant sutar, but looks like he didn’t. And that’s why instead of staying the proposal on his own and ordering the administration to answer the doubts of the members in the next meeting as the proposal was for over a crore rupees of public taxes, ramesh shinde was seen defending the proposal and was about to approve the proposal, when anant sutar interrupted. Anant sutar told ramesh shinde that the proposal could not be approved as the administration had not answered the questions of the members. It was then that ramesh shinde stayed the proposal.

While anant sutar’s timely interference saved ramesh shinde from approving a proposal of rs. 1 crore in haste, ramesh shinde continued to be lost about his role even while interacting with the media after the meeting. For instance, when ramesh shinde was questioned by the media that most proposals were not discussed properly during his first meeting, ramesh shinde gave a bizarre answer. He said that perhaps the corporators had got tired as discussions were going on for hours and decided not to discuss the proposals.

The standing committee of any municipal corporation is of huge significance and importance as it decides where crores of public taxes from the NMMC treasury will be spend. That is why the role of the chairman of the standing committee is often considered to be more important than that of the mayor. However, the seriousness of this seems to be lacking in ramesh shinde. The manner in which he handled proposals worth crores of rupees and did not have convincing replies or knowledge about them, exposed that ramesh shinde was all lost during his first meeting as NMMC standing committee chairman. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.


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