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Recent polls reveal Obama clearly taking the lead over the other candidates

In a hypo ethical general election match up, the poll results have clearly shown Obama in a clear and secure position among the other candidates which even includes Mitt Romney.

Although Romney had been successful in grabbing a second consecutive victory by winning the Nevada Caucuses, but the polls result did not prove to be much in his favor, as it has come to light that more the people come to know him better the more they have started to dislike him. But when it comes in Obama’s stand 57% of the people have completely approved and agreed with what ever he has presented in front of the people, be that of person or profession.

The only confidence that Obama and his team will have to win will that be of the political independents, who mostly determine the outcome of the elections and right now 47% of them are approving and agreeing with Obama but 50% are against him.

It’s still a long run Mr.President. Let’s see whether you can make your mark this time or not. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV.

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