rto-2The Regional Transport Office, Navi Mumbai in association with Perfect Motor training school organized a seminar on road safety by giving a refresher training course to drivers. With the increase in traffic in Navi Mumbai, the responsibility of the Navi Mumbai traffic police has increased too. Hence to inculcate good driving sense in the drivers, RTO under its Road Safety Week organized a seminar in the RTO office in association with Perfect Motor training school in Vashi. Present for the seminar were primarily Truck Drivers, who were informed about safe driving. Sujit Patil from Perfect Motor training school showed charts and explained the meaning of Road signs to the truck drivers and he also informed motor cyclist the importance of a good helmet. He said that It should be of ISI Mark and must be replaced every two years. It should be light coloured and with a reflective sticker. Another speaker B K Anand said that one should stop drinking as it casues health problems. He spoke about the art of living by being away from alcohol. He also said that they teach meditation and give medicine which helps in quitting alhohol. We spoke with Deputy RTO Bharat Khalaskar who said that the seminar targeted truck drivers to make them realize their responsibilities towards their families and give them a refresher training, without which their licenses are not renewed. More than 5000 drivers were given a refresher training so far and this has resulted in drivers being more careful. With cameraman Vivek Gaikwad Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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