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Rekha’s biography bares the Rekha Amitabh romance

Rekha’s life has been an enigma of sorts. Every person who is acquainted with Bollywood knows about the Rekha-Amitabh romance. It is one of those stories everyone knows. But her new biography written by Yasser Usman reveals new incidents from her life that are nothing short of shockingly revealing. he was shooting for Anjana Safar at the Mehboob Studio in Mumbai as a naive 15-year-old girl from South India who knew nothing about how the film industry works. She was supposed to shoot a romantic scene with the actor Biswajeet. Raja Nawathe and the actor hatched a plan to make the scene raunchier without telling Rekha. When the cameras rolled, Biswajeet pulled Rekha in forcibly and smooched her. Rekha was stunned and Biswajeet went on to kiss her for a full 5 minutes. The crew started hooting and jeering the couple as the cameras kept rolling and Rekha started cryingWhen she was beaten up with a chappal by her “mother-in-law”. Rekha had reportedly married Vinod Mehra, but denied the same with an interview to Simi Garewal. The biography, however, says something else.

Rekha had tied the know with Vinod Mehra and the just married couple made their way to Mehra’s residence in Mumbai. His mother was not welcoming at all. She refused to let Rekha in the house and verbally abused her. The anger reached a tipping point when she took off her chappals and started to beat Rekha. Rekha ran away in tears and never went back. When Rekha turned up at Rishi Kapoor’s wedding with sindoor on her forehead to make Amitabh Bachchan jealous. Rekha was famous for grabbing attention wherever she went. She was also a very close friend of Neetu Singh. During a typical wedding, the bride and groom are the ones in the spotlight. But when Rekha walked in wearing a dazzling white saree and a mangalsutra-sindoor combo, all the photographers reportedly started clicking her pictures.

Then she went on to have a conversation with Amitabh Bachchan, who was attending the wedding with his wife Jaya Bachchan. She later defended the mangalsutra and sindoor by saying that she had come to the wedding straight from a shoot. Even after all these “stories”, Rekha still seems to be an enigma.


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