SezThe landlords are getting the taste of their own medicine. The Mukesh Ambani group is demanding that CIDCO give them 30% of the land being handed over for the zone for housing. CIDCO and Reliance are partners in promoting the new Special Economic Zone coming up at Dronagiri. So far CIDCO has transferred 450 hectares of land to Reliance. The Group aims at making this new city a home to at least a million people who can live in swank housing with modern hospitals, top-class schools, and large parks with most of them working in hi-tech and service industries such as electronics, contract research, finance, and information technology. With the Union Govt. stating that any SEZ gets concessions only if it is spread over an area 1000 hectares, CIDCO and the Mukesh Ambani group mutually agreed to hand over 2000 hectares of land earmarked for the project to the Mukesh Ambani group. Even as the legalities for this were being fulfilled, the Mukesh Ambani group, according to reliable sources has come up with the demand of using 30% of the land handed over to them for housing. Whereas the original agreement is that Reliance will not use more than 8% of the land handed over to them for the same. The Mukesh Ambani group says that in a SEZ, housing is very essential as when people move to work at Dronagiri’s SEZ, there will be a housing demand that will follow. Hence, 30% housing is the need of the project. But CIDCO officials say that why should CIDCO let Reliance build the houses on land that has been sold to the latter for a pittance. CIDCO wants that as a promoter of the project they sell off the land meant for housing to private developers and reap profits out of it. They say that as the promoter of the Mukesh Ambani SEZ, they have the right to demand this. Due to the disagreement over this issue, there is bitterness brewing up in both the camps. There are also reports of the Ambani group getting pressure on CIDCO from Delhi. Undoubtedly it will be difficult for CIDCO to match the power and influence of the Mukesh Ambani group so it is most likely that things will turn out to be in the latter’s favor. With this new controversy, CIDCO definitely is getting the taste of their own bitter medicine.

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