Haji-malang--1The state cabinet finalized the proposal of the installation of the Finucular Trolley System (FTS) at Haji Malang, a 300-year-old dargah at Ambernath in Thane. The facility will be operated through Build, Operate and Transfer system and cater to nearly 2,500 worshippers daily. NMTV’s Aijaz Khan and Rajendra Prasad traveled to Haji Malang for details. The FTS, with two trolleys with the capacity to hold 60 passengers each, is expected to be completed within a year. The ropeway will facilitate the pilgrims to reach the holy shrine situated on the top of the mountain. Nearly 2,500 worshippers, from various religions, visit the durgah daily while the number goes up to 2 lakh during the annual three-day festival in Marathi month of Magh. The funicular ropeway will be set up by public works department of the state government. It will connect Malagwadi village at the foot of the mountain to the Haji Malang shrine on the hillock covering nearly 1500 m. Many say that the FTS is safer than ropeway as FTS will have proper rail tracks while ropeway is operated on hanging ropes. The ticket for adults will be Rs 60 for both -downward and upward- journeys, while children senior citizens will enjoy concession of 50 per cent. The project demands acquisition of 5.21 hectare forest reserved land. Cabinet approved the acquisition under Wildlife Protection Act 1972. Sources at the PWD Dept. say that that the since the trolleys are operated on electricity, there will be little scope of air pollution. With cameraperson Rajendra Prasad, Aijaz Khan for NMTV News.

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