cematorium-2When an old dilapidated municipal school building at Ghansoli was brought down, a temporary arrangement was made by NMMC to make the 800 children of the school attend school from the vacant rooms of the Ghansoli Ward Office Building. Little thought went into the fact that the ward office houses the node’s crematorium. However, now the ward officer of the node is proposing to relocate the crematorium. Young minds are the most sensitive and receptive. That is the reason why schools are made such that the atmosphere here enhances the development of a child’s perception and personality. But the municipal school situated in the same building of the Ghansoli ward office is providing completely the opposite of this to their students. This building on one side has a municipal school and on the other side a crematorium. Since the school falls first, all the dead bodies taken to the only crematorium of Ghansoli here has to pass by the school. Not only do the attention of the young children gets diverted to the procession here but after the school hours, their curiosity takes them to the other section of the building where the deceased is burnt. In the past several times, parents and children have voiced their apprehension but their appeals went unheard. However, now the ward officer of Ghansoli has proposed to relocate the crematorium. He added that there is another crematorium at a short distance from the ward office and they propose to renovate that for villagers. The ward officer’s proposal also includes the making of a garden at the place of the crematorium for senior citizens. While the parents and children are welcoming the proposal, the villagers have an apprehension. They say that first NMMC should renovate the other crematorium and then relocate the present one. While NMMC should pay heed to the concern of the locals, the new proposal of the ward officer is definitely welcome. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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