yadavnagar-3The NMMC has floated the proposal of constructing two public toilets in Yadavnagar of Airoli for nearly Rs. 50 lacs. To find out how necessary this civic work, Monika Bhosale traveled to Yadavnagar for an investigative report and found out that equally important is for NMMC to float the proposal of a municipal school at the earliest. These are students studying in the three years old municipal school at Yadavnagar of Airoli. To say it’s a school but once you visit the school you get one shocker after the other. To begin with in the absence of a school building, the students have to study outside an office like area. Who doesn’t know that the school environs should permit a student to focus on class teaching but this aspect is a complete mystery to the students here who study in an open environment getting distracted and disturbed all the time. Due to this the most shocking thing is that one teacher strives to teach two batches of students at the same time. And this isn’t just it – move further and you see a tapri wallah operating a few feet away from the school with continuous chain of smokers moving about the area. And while other schools in the city have playground, the so-called municipal school in Yadavnagar has a cow shed next to the school. And if you think stink was the only problem – think again. Because more than the stink the noise from the cow shed is louder than the teacher teaching the students. Locals shared the unfortunate conditions of the school with us. Locals demanded more sensitivity of NMMC administration to the need of a school here. Another problem that haunts the Yadavnagar slums is filth and dirt so much that it’s difficult to imagine how humans can live here. Filth from gutters borders the entrance of settlements and even pigs can be seen moving around. Locals say that at times pigs directly enter their homes. Locals who spoke to NMTV News informed that there is an urgent need to construct the toilets here as locals, including women and children have to climb hills to attend natures’ calls. Women shared how going is difficult when there are men leering at them. And like most NMMC toilets, even the existing ones have become victims of ill maintenance. The locals are however happy ever since the NMMC Standing Committee approved the bid of Yashraj Infrastructure to re- construct three toilets at the cost of Rs. 77 lacs 35 thousand 959. The three new toilets will come as a major relief to the locals and will solve one of their most burning issues. Speaking to NMTV News, Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik informed that while the toilets are needed, he has ordered the administration to take up the work for a school too at the earliest. With cameraperson Vivek Gaikwad, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.


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