Dr.-k.-bHe may be termed as a revolutionary and a visionary in progressive educational practices of schooling. He is primarily instrumental in bringing a change in the Navi Mumbai educational scenario which saw a school system established that enabled the students to discover the uniqueness in each of them by integrating creativity into the curriculum. For his trend setting ideas, for his efforts to promote meritocracy in education and for being an inspiration to educational advocates throughout the national and even global community; parents, teachers, students and citizens have chosen Dr. K B Kushal as the winner of NMTV Pioneer of Excellence in Education 2010. “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited.” – Plutarch Dr. K B Kushal started his journey as the Principal of J H Ambani School on the far end of Lodhivali, ahead of Panvel. Within a span two years, he established DAV Schools across Navi Mumbai and his idea of education transformed schooling practices in Navi Mumbai so much so that DAV Schools became role models for being centers of education. With a Ph.D in English Literature Dr. K B Kushal has been mentoring and monitoring educational processes and transactions at the school, college and university levels through these platforms for a decade now. * SCHOOL PREMISES A visit to the school premises of any DAV School in Navi Mumbai, speaks for itself why the Dr. Kushal concept of quality education has become such a rage. His success largely can be seen right from the selection of teachers with commitment, perseverance, dedication and loyalty to the improvement of infrastructural facilities such as the establishment of well equipped laboratories for sciences, valuable library and facilities for sports and other extracurricular activities backed by a strong involvement in personality development activities of not just students but even teachers. * THE PLATFORMS Dr. K B Kushal has been pioneering a dominant role and rendering yeoman service to the renaissance of the education in the country through many platforms. Today these platforms are popularly known as  KHOJ – the Science Festival  HERITAGE – the Celebration of Indian Culture and Heritage  DIEMR Conferences and  NATIONAL TALENT SEARCH Dr. K B Kushal has been successful in organizing eight national level seminars and conferences in addition to several short seminars and brain-storming sessions, to carry forward the task of promoting quality intensive educational development. * HIS ACUMEN, INTELLIGENCE AND ENTHUSIASM ARE UNPARALLEL ! Dr. K B Kushal’s passion and obsession to make a difference to the cause of education have been recognized by several national bodies who have felicitated Dr. K B Kushal. It is for his very unparallel and unmatched acumen, intelligence and enthusiasm that Dr. K B Kushal has been nominated as Chairman of the Education Sub-Committee of the Quality Council of India. * EDUCATIONIST PAR EXCELLENCE Dr. K B Kushal, with his long experience and proven expertise, has become one of the most sought-after educationists for schools, colleges and government to be advised on policy initiatives. He is a visionary with the gift of practicality, which makes him a great institution-builder. Strong and clear in his personal faith, he is exceptionally broad-minded, secular, and progressive. Indeed, the years of Dr. K B Kushal in Navi Mumbai can be easily termed as the “golden age of education” in this city. For being a visionary who is dedicatedly championing the cause of quality education for all – you have chosen Dr. K Kushal as NMTV Pioneer of Excellence in Education 2010 !

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