standing-2The issue of NMMC administration buying machines for its hospitals at over priced rates once again raked the recent NMMC Standing Committee meet after which the Chairman Sandeep Naik called for a report on purchases made by NMMC within 15 days. NMMC Standing Committee Member Shivram Patil once again raised the issue of the purchase of an ophthalmic equipment costing Rs. 3 lakhs at Rs. 8 lakhs by NMMC. He stated that he had evidence of the same and had made this allegation in the Standing Committee meeting over a month ago. The Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik called upon the municipal administration to place a status report of all medical equipments purchased by NMMC within 15 days. No report has been placed before the committee till date even after a month has lapsed. The Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nahata held up two sheets at the Standing Committee meeting this week stating that the report was with him, but he needed to study them and assured to place the same at the meeting next week. After the said assurance, the Standing Committee unanimously approved the proposal to permit M/s Mumbai Waste Management Limited, Taloja to collect and process all bio medical waste from the city for three years as per the conditions in the present contract to the same company subject to appraisal of work performance every year. The work was approved without floating tenders as Mumbai Waste Management Ltd. is the only company authorized by Maharashtra Pollution Control Board to collect and process bio medical waste in Navi Mumbai and nearby areas. From NMMC HQ, Vishwarath Nayar for NMTV News.

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