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Republican Sheriff on Obama’s case, claims Mr. President has forged his birth certificate

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a Republican who has termed himself as the ‘America’s toughest sheriff’ had been on Obama’s case for a very long time claiming that the birth certificate that had been presented by him is a computer generated fraud.

Arpaio had stated that after a request from a group of conservative Tea Party activists in the Phoenix area last year in August, he had started his investigation against Obama’s birth certificate. Obama had already released a longer version of his birth certificate in an attempt to put a stop to all the allegations that were arising within the Republicans, that he was not born in the country, as required by the US constitution to become President last year.

Based on the certificate that was presented by Obama, Arpaio had claimed that after six months of investigation carried out by his cold case posse he had arrived that there is a probable cause to believe that the birth certificate is a computer generated fraud. And now Arpaio is requesting the US Congress that based on his findings he wants to frame two charges against crimes first of creating a fraudulent document and then in fraudulently presenting it to the public.

Arpaio is already under the scanner himself by the Justice Department on the charges that he and his deputies have violated US civil right laws by engaging in racial profiling against the Latinos that included unlawful arrests in an attempt of curbing illegal immigrants. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV.

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