The civic problems keep mounting by the day and even have claimed several lives but this is not reason enough for CIDCO to wake up or take the least cognizance of the conditions prevailing at Kharghar. Reports from grieved residents are unending and similar concern is being voiced by residents of Sector 20 of this node. We bring to you the unfortunate insight of this beautiful node with this report. Picturesque beauty, nature at its best and arguably the best planning done by CIDCO in any node so far but may be one will have to put the full stop to the qualities right there as far as Kharghar is concerned. The area around Sector 20, where Jal Vayu Vihar is a landmark is reeling under the most pathetic conditions. When our Correspondent met the residents of the area, there wasn’t any doubt that if given a chance, they would have never shifted to over hyped Kharghar. When one visits the area, one can see only filth, dirt and garbage all around. Pedestrians bear the brunt of foul smell and have to walk through roads due to the garbage littered all over on the pavements and footpaths here. Even the drains are open, which could prove to be fatal for children and senior citizens especially. All assurances to check encroachment by CIDCO prove to be a farce so far, say residents as encroachment in the area is multiplying by the day. An open plot in the area is slowly being converted into slum settlement. Residents allege that illegal liquor sale business is being carried out from the slums here. Besides this, the slums are adding to the unhygienic conditions prevailing in the area-making mosquito menace one of the major problems. Water scarcity and load shedding are other burning issues of the node. Without any schedule, load shedding is done any time of the day. With the node dotted with towers, without lifts operational, it adds to the woes of residents. Cows and buffaloes are making the most of the broad roads built by CIDCO. And for the residents who mostly work in Taloja, Dombivli and Thane – there is no bus to commute to those areas from Kharghar. For the Railway Station that falls on other side of the bridge, residents whether have to pay nearly Rs. 30 – 40 or walk a distance of 3-4 kilometers. The visit of no leader, their assurances or promises of CIDCO have proved to be all a farce. Hence, residents have decided to come together under one banner and take out a morcha. With such exhibition of sheer irresponsible maintenance one can only draw the conclusion that with this kind of attitude CIDCO’s dream of turning Kharghar into Manhattan is too farfetched and a never to realize dream.

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