cidco-morcha-1The residents of Seawoods took out a protest to CIDCO Bhavan against the poor construction work done by CIDCO which led to slap collapsing in buildings just after a few years of its constructions. The morcha saw hundreds of residents coming out on the streets demanding a solution on the same. These hundreds of citizens are out on the streets protesting against CIDCO management for their poor quality of construction work. These residents are from Seawoods who for the last two months have been facing slab collapse incidents in their CIDCO built buildings. The residents have now formed a committee called “CIDCO Nikrusht Ghar Hatao Sangharh Samiti” which will take up issues of the poor construction work done by CIDCO. The committee, comprising of residents, has received support from all political parties. The residents took out a morcha from Seawoods to CIDCO bhavan. However, the huge mob was stopped by the police from reaching CIDCO Bhavan and were stalled at Urban Haat junction. Here, the residents shouted slogans after which a delegation of the residents’ committee was taken to CIDCO to meet the MD Tanaji Satre. Surprisingly, the CIDCO officials informed the delegation that the MD was not present in his office and gave the reason of him being in Mantralaya. However, the delegation refused to leave without meeting the MD and tying a black bandanna on their mouth, waited outside his cabin. Looking at the increasing protest of the residents, the MD decided to meet the residents and hear their problem. The committee representatives informed the media about their protest and fear of living in CIDCO buildings. The agitated members said that if CIDCO does not resolve their problem, then they will knock the doors of court. After meeting the residents, MD Tanaji Satre said that CIDCO had started structural audit of some of the buildings. He added that for the time being, CIDCO will start temporary repair of the roof collapses. With cameraperson Santosh Bodhare, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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