For about three months, the residents of Jyoti and Gautam Nivas at Seven Bungalows in Andheri have been living with the fear that the buildings might collapse soon. The reason being the construction work of Ghatkopar-Andheri-Versova Metro. Ajaz Khan has the details. On the road across the apartment blocks of Jyoti and Gautam Niwas, is the construction site of the Ghatkopar-Andheri-Versova Metro, being built by Reliance Energy. Every time workers drill deep into the ground with a vibratory hammer, the buildings are rocked by tremors. Residents of Jyoti have thrice fled the building at night mistaking them for earthquakes. Anand Bhobe, who lives on the first floor of Gautam Nivas, says he had to re-plaster his ceiling when large chunks prised apart by the vibrations began raining down. Dr Monica Matani, a homeopath who has a clinic in Gautam Nivas, complained to contractors and Reliance officials but they weren’t taken seriously. She stated that the construction continue in a manner that does not endanger the structural foundations of the surrounding buildings. We tried speaking to the Supervisor on site about this project but he refused to speak on camera. However, representatives of Reliance Energy are claiming that they’ve carried structural analyses of all the buildings that line the Metro’s route and that the tremors caused in Jyoti and Gautam will cause no permanent damage to the buildings. For the time being the vibration hammer is not being used on the site but residents still live in distress as work continues till midnight and begins early in the morning. with cameraperson Jai Dutta, AJaz Khan for NMTV News.

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