cbd-hatel-5Where on one side NMMC boasts about take the same action against all buildings without Occupancy Certificates, on the other hand stands the Hemraj building near Belapur Railway Station that does not have Occupancy Certificate. But despite this the building has a hotel and lodge that is operational without an OC for years and has become a center point of inconvenience for locals. May be if you see one portion of the Hemraj Building in CBD Belapur you will not wonder why it has not been given an Occupancy Certificate but on the other side the Vishwakamal Hotel tells a different story all together. This hotel is operational for decades without an OC. Astonishingly; the hotel is situated two minutes away from the NMMC HQ in CBD Belapur. While on the other side at a short distance is the local ward office. The building also has a bar & lodge. And this water that you see flowing out is the sewerage water coming out from the hotel and lodge’s toilet making a mockery of NMMCs’ Sant Gadge Baba Urban Cleanliness Drive. Passer bys are inconvenienced due to the same and blamed NMMC for it. Not surprisingly Belapur ward officer refused to speak to us. But off camera he did not hesitate to agree that the hotel was indeed violating norms proving that NMMC knows about the violation but refused to take action in the matter. And now take a look at the excuse that the Town Planning Officer gives us. He says that he cannot locate the file of the building in question. At the property tax department too officials immediately recognized the case but gave the same reason of finding difficulty in locating the file. All this shows clear indications of how one particular hotel is being favored by NMMC despite the fact that the hotel flouts all rules under the sun. One is forced to recall how NMMC pronounced every law to seal Micro Technologies – an IT Company of international repute last year. Only the NMMC administration can answer why it chooses to favor Vishwakamal that is flouting rules right under NMMC’s nose. It showcases the massive corruption that plagues NMMC. How else can one explain NMMC’s negligence towards the filth and dirt that the hotel is spreading in its vicinity besides becoming an epicenter of diseases? From CBD Belapur, with cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Rajeev Mishra for Navi Mumbai News.


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