The rules issued by the Navi Mumbai RTO for auto rickshaw drivers keeping in mind security is being openly violated by the city auto drivers, to which RTO is likely to action on. The Navi Mumbai RTO has issued certain rules and guidelines for the auto rickshaws plying in the city. The rules include khakhi colored uniforms for the auto drivers, placing of rod at the right side of the auto and others. However, these rules are clearly being violated by the city auto drivers. While RTO has been initiating various drives, it is once again planning to carry out a strict drive on the issue. With camerapersn Raju Sharma, Amil More for NMTV News. RTO INCREASES REGISTRATION TAX If you are planning to purchase a new car which costs you more than Rs 10 lakhs, get ready to shell out extra as Navi Mumbai RTO has increased its taxes for car registrations. A notice on the increase has also been issued by the RTO. The Mumbai Morot Vehicle Act has been revised because of which any car costing more than Rs 10 lakhs would have a higher tax bracket. Assistant regional Transport Officer K S Jadav informed that the cars falling between the cost bracket of Rs 10 lakhs to Rs 20 Lakhs will be charged 8% while cars costing above Rs 20 lakhs will be charged 9% tax. The hiked tax has been made applicable since 1st of July. Cars costing less than Rs 10 lakhs will pay the same amount of tax that is 7%. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Anil More for NMTV News.


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