Post the Mumbai terror attacks, many prominent places in Mumbai felt the need of having a special Commando battalion. Fulfilling this need, Navi Mumbai Police have formed their own Commando battalion. The department has also successfully formed the Riot control Police. The formation of both these have strengthen the security front of the Navi Mumbai Police. Dressed in military uniform, one may think that they are the commandos of the Indian Army. These commandos are that of the Navi Mumbai Police. These soldiers falling under the age bracket of 30 have gone through three months of military training. Now take a look at the practice being done by these commandos. These soldiers are from the Riot Control police who are training for controlling any kind of riot. Navi Mumbai has witnessed many riots some of them being at the political level too. And hence such a battalion was the need of the Navi Mumbai Police. And the person under whose guidance both the battalions were formed is Navi Mumbai Police Special Reserve Force’s Senior Inspector Wilson Cyril. Speaking on the day, he informed that in the first battalion they have 40 commandos. Speaking on the Riot Control Police he informed that around 140 youth were being provided with special training who would be able to tackle any kind of riot situation. Also present DCP – Crime branch Pravin Pawar too spoke on the battalions formed. And now while Navi Mumbai might not have faced any terror attack, it has made sure that it is fully equipped if the situation does occur. With cameraperson Vikrant Baile, Rajeev Mishra for NMTV News.


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