Not just Mumbai but Navi Mumbai too has started facing major traffic congestion and parking issues. Recovering large amount of money in the name of pay and park, no space for parking vehicles, accidents due to congested roads are some of the issues that has to be seriously looked into by the authorities. Traffic congestion and parking woes have literally become a nightmare for the residents of Navi Mumbai. While there is no place in the city left for parking space, exorbitant money recovered from the Pay and Park system has added more to their misery. Lack of parking space has led to traffic congestion too. If we talk about busy nodes in terms of parking woes, the first that comes to mind is sec 17 of Vashi. Being a commercial hub of the node with various banks, call centers, shops, show rooms included in it, lack of parking management and space have destroyed the peace there. Traffic during busy hours are even worse where the vehicle owners are forced to park their vehicles at the roadside or even on the footpath due to lack of space or proper provision for parking. This in turn leads to the towing away of their vehicles. In an effort to check parking issues, although the authorities are reducing the footpaths for more space and regulating Pay and park system, exorbitant bills collected by the contractor is failing to look into the commuters concern. With cameraperson Ravi Nikkam, Jayanti Bamne for Navi Mumbai News.


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