Traffic congestion has today become one of the most important issues of the state government. Although the state is developing metro and monorail projects, it is further going to take the assistance of International transport companies to tackle this issue. The rising issue of traffic congestion in Mumbai has become a major challenge for the state government. The city has seen a high rise in vehicles on road from the year 1971 when there were only 1.5 lakh cars in Mumbai, with approximately 1.5 crore cars running today. With traffic discipline and condition at its worst stage, commuters expressed their concern with NMTV News. To tackle this issue, the state government has decided to approach the World Bank Transport Forum and Institute of Transportation, Miami for guidance. Although the government is developing many skywalks and flyovers in the city, proper infrastructure and traffic discipline is needed. According to a survey, there are 8 lakh cars, 2 lakh auto rickshaws, 23,000 gypsies, 58,000 taxis & 70000 buses, trucks & tempos giving rise to the problem of traffic in Mumbai. Times during monsoons become even worse. The 26/7 deluge cannot be erased from the minds of the people when the government failed on its part. With the many measures the government is taking up, it should also make sure that these steps work towards controlling traffic menace and not be a failure again. With cameraperson Lahu Konde, Shailendra Upadhaya for NMTV News.

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