road-sefty-7With the development of the city, the number of vehicles on roads has increased tremendously which has in return increased the rate of accidents in the city. To control this issue and create awareness amongst drivers, the city observed Road Safety week. A glance at the statistics of the number of vehicles on road in the entire country had numbered upto a whopping 8 crore 40 lakhs in the year 2006 out of which 1 Crore 9 lakhs is from Mumbai alone. In the year 2007, the graphs had gone even higher than the previous year. With the increase in vehicles on road and traffic, Maharashtra also saw a huge rise in road accidents. In the year 2006, around 75000 road accidents were reported out of which 11300 people lost their lives and 54000 injured. Keeping in mind the need to create awareness and security on traffic rules, seminars are organized during the Road safety week informing people about road safety. In Navi Mumbai too road safety week was inaugurated at the hands of Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik who stressed on the need to follow traffic rules. Present along with him were Navi Mumbai Commissioner of Police, Ramrao Wagh and Deputy RTO, Navi Mumbai Bharat Kalashkar. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Alok Pagare for NMTV News.


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