The biggest concern for Navi Mumbaikars is bad roads and the unfinished road repair work. With monsoons just a month away, the question on everyone’s mind is what would monsoon be like this year too. Monsoons are just over a month away and the biggest worry of Navi Mumbaikars are whether the dug up roads and open gutters will be worked upon before they spell doom for citizens. This is the road in front of Vashi police station and there is a huge crater in the middle which has not only added to the traffic menace but has also become cause of many accidents. A big section of the road has been dug up no barricades have been put up to make people aware of the repair work. This leads to heavy traffic jams and have become a cause of inconvenience for the locals as the road also leads to NMSA and MGM hospital. Once the NMTV crew reached the spot and started shooting, some workers working on the adjoining road came and put up a sign board that should have been done long before. We spoke to one of them and he confessed that his supervisor ordered him to do it right now after seeing the NMTV team. Most city roads are dug and left patched up in the worst ways. The situation that you see here is only a trailer of what the city might have to face when monsoons hits the city. With cameraperson Gyaneshwar Mali, Pranesh Kumar Roy for NMTV.

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