Roads of sector 29 Vashi awaits digging again after standing committee approves rs. 40 lacs for it

Looks like NMMC is obsessed with digging roads of the city particularly the internal roads of sector 29 Vashi. After mercilessly carrying out the digging work of roads to lay water pipelines and then gas pipelines and then sewerage pipelines, now NMMC standing committee has approved another tender of road work for the same sector – this time to tar the road with a whopping rs. 40 lacs of the tax payer’s money.

Over a year ago in september 2009, the internal roads of sec 14 and sector 29, Vashi were dug up more by NMMC to lay sewerage pipelines. The pipes were laid but the entire work was done in haphazard and unsystematic manner. At that time the road was dug up four times, first for repair, then for pratibha water pipeline, then for mahanagar gas and then for sewerage lines. Situation was such that residents had even faced phone lines and electric cables disconnection.

After NMTV reported the pathetic condition of the road, NMMC carried out repair work of these roads in april 2009. NMMC repaired the road making it free from potholes and craters.

It’s been just two years to the nightmare that residents had to go through and now they are re-living the same hell as once again in the name of water, gas and sewerage pipelines NMMC has massacred the internal roads of sector 14 and sector 29, Vashi. With monsoon showers all set to hit the city anytime, the conditions of the roads are spelling inconvenience and a risk to residents of the area. However, at NMMC the conditions mean another tender, another contract and another job to drain lakhs of public taxes in the name of the road – this time for its repair. In the last NMMC standing committee, the proposal for tarring the roads of sector 29 Vashi was tabled at the standing committee meet and approved by the committee at a cost of rs. 40 lacs 74 thousand 662. The contract for tarring the roads has awarded to m/s classic construction.

However, when the proposal was tabled at the standing committee not one member questioned the engineering department at their total failure in planning that causes digging and repairing of roads every year or so in the name of the same civic work to the same old contractors. Perhaps that’s why back in sector at Vashi, residents aren’t any happy that the work has been approved. Hassled by constant digging, residents complain that they have to go through a lot of inconvenience as roads are just dug all year round.

Residents add that they are not even sure that the road that they cross would be the same again when they return or would be yet again dug up.

Some residents even questioned the hefty amount rs. 40, 74,662 which would be used to ta the roads as no one knows if the road would be dug up again, thus wasting public taxes.

It may be noted that sector 29, Vashi falls under ward no. 44 whose corporator is NCP’s Sunanda Raut. Unfortunately, Sunanda Raut who has been a rather inactive corporator, she was not available for comments.

Perhaps it’s because new corporators like her have no knowledge of the history of civic works done in their ward and they show least interest in studying civic proposals, that lakhs of public taxes continue to be drained in the name of road repair and maintenance every year, in every node and every ward. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Sahana Sehgal for NMTV News.

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