marine-centerThe most happening center of the city – Marine Center, gave more for the youth to enjoy as they conducted gave avid rock lovers a treat with a rock show. Marine Centre is surely one of the most rocking places in Navi Mumbai at least the regularly held rock shows, indicate this. Recently, the rock lovers in Navi Mumbai witnessed one more sensational rock show. The rock lovers not only came from Navi Mumbai but from all parts of Mumbai, which surely shows that even Navi Mumbai is swiftly catching up with the town culture. The rock fans banged their heads and jabbed there feet to the demonish tunes of the rock bands. Heavy metals, super bass and rapidly beating drums was all one could hear in the Marine Centre auditorium, where the show was being held. The rock lovers are very happy with this kind of arrangement by the club to encourage their passion, when in Mumbai the rock culture is slightly diminishing.

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