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Royal security and dignity under scanner after nude photographs of Prince Harry were leaked out at Las Vegas

With facts that British taxpayers are spending almost 100 million pounds every year only for keeping their Royals safe, there is a high concern that after such high security how was it possible for somebody to click nude photographs of Britain’s Prince Harry from his VIP suite in Las Vegas along with a mystery woman. Those photographs definitely had taken an embarrassing round both for the Royals as well as for the Scotland Yard officers who were assigned to keep him safe and secure.

It has been a record that media has always been eager for a sneak peek in the Royal’s life especially of those times that would attract immediate attention. And they have also proved to be extremely successful in that matter. So maybe it might be required that maybe the Royals should be more cautious and responsible. Exact action of Prince Harry has not yet come out clear but what has been acknowledged from the Celebrity gossip site has been that Harry had been playing strip billiards with the party goers and further had also been caught on camera cavorting with a young unidentified woman. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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