RTI activist and NMTV IMPACT ! HDFC vacates prime property meant for social welfare at Vashi

And there is some good news coming in too. The controversial Nensee Day Care Center standing on a plot meant for social welfare that was being commercially exploited by HDFC Standard Life Insurance has been vacated by the latter. The issue was raised by RTI Activist Sandeep Naik and followed up by NMTV.

In the heart of Vashi, HDFC Standard Life Insurance was commercially exploiting a plot meant for social welfare. The owner of the plot Lata Nensee reportedly gave the entire premises to HDFC Standard Life Insurance on rent in complete violation of the purpose the plot was allotted for. The plot meant for social welfare, was allotted to Lata Nensee in 1982, to run a child day care center at no profit no loss basis. When social activist Sandeep Thakur raised the issue, it came to light that this mischief would not have been possible without the knowledge of CIDCO Manager of Town Services Vivek Marathe. When NMTV News had visited the HDFC Standard Life Insurance, Vasim Sondhe – the Manager refused to speak to us on camera and give any information while at the Nensee Toddler Academy that is operating from another premise at Vashi, Lata Nensee refused to speak to us. Call it the RTI Activist and NMTV Impact, that HDFC Standard Life Insurance has finally vacated the premises. Social Activist Sandeep Thakur says that it’s a positive sign that CIDCO has done something in the issue.

He further voiced hope that now that HDFC has vacated the premises; the plot would be used for the purpose it has been allotted for. While after vigilant and alert citizens like Sandeep Thakur, the Nensee plot has been stopped from using it as a commercial plot, there are several such plots in the city which has been given by CIDCO to be run on social welfare only but today have been converted into commercial plots by corrupt minds for their own selfish benefits. One can now only hope, that CIDCO initiates a massive drive against such plots and restore them for the social welfare purpose they were alotted. With bureau inputs, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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