santosh-shetty-5Congress corporator Santosh Shetty seems to not be learning from mistakes in the recent past. After a RTO rejected school bus expose, the NRI police arrested Santosh Shetty and released him on bail. It’s a shame that being an elected public representative, Santosh Shetty showed negligence that could have cause innocent children their lives. After three cases of accidents, two involving school children, the issue of bus mafia operating in Navi Mumbai has surfaced again and one corporator to be associated in the issue is Santosh Shetty who perhaps owns the maximum number of buses that are given on contract to schools across Navi Mumbai. However, how sub standard are the buses owned by Santosh Shetty was exposed when two school buses collided head on with each other while ferrying school children on the Palm Beach road. The incident also exposed how the corporator has been putting the lives of school children under threat by violating school bus rules and regulations for safety. When the RTO took action against the Friday’s accident by seizing five buses owned by Santosh Shetty, they booked the corporator for letting out sub-standard buses to Navi Mumbai schools and neglecting the condition of the bus involved in the crash. What was even more shocking was that the buses seized by the RTO had inflammable goods, which included 3 stoves, kerosene and a diesel can. When the news of the RTO seizing five buses owned by him reached Santosh Shetty, he barged into the RTO office with his party workers and told Kalaskar he must release his buses or face the heat. Santosh Shetty claimed to be shocked to see the inflammable products in his buses and tried to blame the RTO saying they were conspiring against him and his party to ruin their image. During his heated argument with Deputy RTO Bharat Kalashkar, Congress corporator threatened the RTO officer of showing his true worth and how he would transfer him. Even parents of the children wrote a letter to the RTO in which they expressed their concern over how Santosh Shetty’s buses were unsafe for their children. But later on they found that the school administration and Santosh Shetty were hand in gloves, informed Kalaskar. He said that keeping the dangerous and inflammable goods inside the buses may, at anytime cause a big danger to the children. Reiterating the accusations made by Santosh Shetty, Kalaskar said that if he is found guilty with the offences, the administration is free to take legal action against him. Admitting that the officers face a lot of political pressure, he said he would resign if it continues. For barging into the RTO office and threatening the officer on duty, Santosh Shetty was arrested by the NRI police and taken to Belapur court where he was relased on bail of Rs 15,000. For several years Congress corporator Santosh Shetty’s buses have been in the business of ferrying school children. While accidents in the past have exposed the gross violations that the buses of Santosh Shetty has been doing, but with the political influence that Santosh Shetty has, he has always managed to carrying on his business openly violating norms, allegedly in nexus with school principals. It is also alleged that Santosh Shetty’s buses violate parking norms by parking anywhere on the roadside. Congress corporator Santosh Shetty seems to not be learning from mistakes in the past. It’s a shame that being an elected public representative, Santosh Shetty continues to show negligence that could have caused innocent children their lives. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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