rally1As a part of the road safety week held by RTO since 1st January 2009, a bicycle rally was conducted by the department which was named as ‘Save Young India’, for educating the youngsters about traffic safety measures. On the occasion of Republic Day, a bicycle rally was held by the Navi Mumbai RTO. The aim was to primarily involve young children in the rally, as they can prove to be a better way of spreading this message. We spoke to Deputy RTO Officer Bharat Kalaskar, who expressed his happiness over the success of the rally and the participation of the students. The rally witnessed participation of about 2000 students. The students carried various banners and posters displaying the slogans about the traffic rules and regulations. According to Bharat Kalashkar, out of the accidents taking place in the country, 35% to 40% are those of youngsters. We also spoke to a member of the Khel association with whom the RTO had organized this rally. The participants were also given a book containing information about the traffic rules and regulations. With Kala Jadhav, Vrushali Chitre for NMTV news.

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