auto-fare7The RTO has revised the rates of the auto rickshaws fares effectively from the 1 of September 2006. However, there in unrest in unions following. Its’ not even a year and the RTO has once again revised auto rickshaw fares. Evidently its not good news for commuters who say that unlike their counterparts in Mumbai who pay Rs. 9 even today, they have been paying Rs. 11. Now again the Regional Transport Office has planned to revise the fare rates of Rickshaws from the 1st September 2006. Accordingly, fare rates of rickshaws run on CNG will be reduced from 11 rupees to 9 rupees and those running on petrol will be increased by 50 paisa to Rs. 11.50. However, there is growing unrest among commuters and auto rickshaw unions due to the hike. Where on one side the commuters are protesting the hike, auto rickshaw unions plan to go on strike against the decision. They say that the CNG run rickshaws do not have facility of filling CNG in Navi Mumbai. Hence, they have no option but to go to Thane or Mankhurd. Speaking with Navi Mumbai News, Sunil Borde, General Sectretary – Navi Mumbai rickshaw Union said that till the time the facility of a CNG center is not opened, this new rule should not be applied. Another factor inconveniencing commuters is that it is hard to differentiate between CNG run rickshaws and petrol run rickshaws. To the general public all the rickshaws look the same. The difference in a CNG and petrol run rickshaws can be known from the small door that is just at the below right side of the passenger seat. In a CNG rickshaw the small door has a handle and key where as in petrol run rickshaw the small door has a rotatable knob. However this change would affect the commuters most as the difference in the rates of the rickshaws would surely create a chaos between the commuters and the rickshaw wallas.


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