sachin-1A packed room with anticipation with many sitting at the edge of their seats as the curtains came down on Sachin Tendulkar’s wax statue. On an elevated platform, were the two of them – the real and the fake Sachin Tendulkar – in his signature celebratory pose of the cricket field. In Test whites, both arms raised with a bat in one and a helmet in the other, Sachin Tendulkar acknowledged the appreciation. Before the ‘so which one is him’ game could begin, the real Sachin showed why he’s only mortal and blinked as hundreds of cameras flashed into his eyes. There was another give-away. The wax statue was clean shaven while Sachin sported a stubble. Then Sachin gave up the pretence, walked up to his wax figure and stared at it in delight. The likeness was incredible. The receding hairline, broad-flat nose, the slant of the eyes and even the slight double-chin imitated to perfection. The figure will be unveiled at the Madame Tussauds wax museum in London on April 24, Sachin’s 36th birthday. He becomes the only Indian sportsperson to be represented at the museum and his statue is likely to be placed either next to former Australian spinner Shane Warne or football icon David Beckham. The pose is probably just the way his fans would want to remember him – the celebration style that thousands of budding cricketers, in the dusty bylanes and parks around the country, try to imitate.

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