airoli-sandeep-2Amidst thousands of party workers and supporters, former Dy. Chief Minister and NCP State Chief R R Patil arrived in Airoli to campaign for Congress NCP candidates from Airoli and Belapur Sandeep Naik and Ganesh Naik. Addressing such a huge rally in front of senior party leaders for the first time, Sandeep Naik stole the show as the dynamic youth candidate promised safety, security, peace and harmony by making the city terror free as his priority. Addressing his first rally of this magnitude, Sandeep Naik was a picture of confidence and determination as he said the right things and made the right promises. The Congress-NCP candidate from Airoli spoke of making Navi Mumbai terror free, which attains significance since he is contesting from Airoli – a constituency that has the notorious identity of being called the crime capital of Navi Mumbai. Over the years, murders, thefts, gang shoot outs like incidents have made people of Airoli live in an insecure and fear – filled atmosphere. Senior journalist Vikas Mahadik says that it was after NMMC was established that the greed for political power brought out the worst crimes in the city. In the past, citizens of Airoli have often voiced this fear. Hearing these residents of Airoli, it’s not difficult to assess what residents of Airoli expect from their candidate in these elections and perhaps that’s why Sandeep Naik promises safety, security, peace and harmony to Airoli since the official contest began post the nomination filing ceremony as well. Besides his promise of making Airoli terror-free, Sandeep Naik’s fiery speech during R R Patil’s visit also touched upon the achievements of the ruling NCP in NMMC – from Morbe Dam, to providing municipal services and amenities to slums, villages and city settlements, school vision and making 100 beds hospital in Nerul and Airoli. On a secular note, he spoke of how his father Ganesh Naik has always taught them to practice the religion of humanity. On the other hand, Congress-NCP Belapur candidate Ganesh Naik spoke of the lead the secular alliance got in Navi Mumbai during the parliamentary polls early this year and spoke of ensuring a 25, 000 plus victory in both Airoli and Belapur this time round. The manifestoes of the Congress-NCP candidates from Navi Mumbai were also released on the occasion at the hands of R R Patil. Another significant highlight of the event was that scores of Shiv Sainiks and Manse party workers officially entered the NCP on the occasion. The prominent entrants were Shivram Patil and Anita Patil who have defected from the Shiv Sena to join the NCP, Mohan Madhvi and former corporator Nandu Chauhan. State NCP Chief R R Patil said that the massive numbers present in the rally should replicate in the victory margin of the candidates. R R Patil was all praises of both Ganesh Naik and Sandeep Naik. The leader spoke of the qualities of Sandeep Naik that makes him a promising contributor to the future of Maharashtra and its progress. He also praised the leadership of Ganesh Naik. He appealed to voters to vote for authorized candidates of all parties. R R Patil also stressed on the need of voters electing candidate with a good track record. Addressing the media after the event, R R Patil reiterated the reason why the party had given candidature to Sandeep Naik from Airoli. And on the question of rebels, R R Patil hit out at them stating that people who do not stay loyal to their parties who give them an identity, name and fame can never be loyal with the public either. R R Patil voiced confidence that the secular alliance will come back to power in Maharashtra with a thumping majority. Sandeep Naik powerful speech, Ganesh Naik’s public appeal and R R Patil’s confidence in the party’s candidates has positively fine tuned the election fever and injected enthusiasm in NCP party workers ahead of elections. Till date there has been no leader who has taken up the challenge of combating terror and crime that plagues the crime capital of Navi Mumbai – Airoli. But now voters are convinced that in Sandeep Naik there perhaps is the hope and surety of attaining safety, security, peace and harmony in Airoli. With Monika Bhosale, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.

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