Aroli-TOilet-5The residents of Sainathwadi, Airoli are facing problems due to the poor and dire conditions of the NMMC public toilets. The toilets are reeling under highly unhygienic condition. The public toilets at Sainathwadi, Airoli was constructed only a year ago but due to the ignorant attitude of the NNMC workers & contractors, the conditions of the toilets have become worst. The toilets have broken sewerage tank, cracked pipeline with inadequate supply of electricity & water. There are nearly 15,000 people residing at Sainathwadi, Airoli with only 4 toilets. The corporators of the node expressed great concern over the issues of the residents blaming the NMMC contractors. With the arrival of NMTV team, NMMC Health Committee Chairman, Anant Sutar also reached the spot who blamed the dire condition of the toilets on the negligence of the NMMC contractors. The maintainenec of the toilets at Sainathwadi was handed over to Pune-based Company, Hygience India since 2002. it has been 5 years now but the company has failed to complete its responsibilities and NMMC too has not taken any against the company.

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