The ploy of CIDCO’s additional chief transport engineer S Sinha to allot 112 hectares of land in Gavhan, Chirle and Jasai villages to MSRDC for the Mumbai Trans Harbour Sewri Nhava Sea Link Project for road purpose for a mere Rs. 20.19 Crores has been foiled. Sources reveal that the Managing Director of CIDCO N Ramarao has demanded RS. 264 Crores for the same. Navi Mumbai News Spcl. Correspondent Vishwarath Nayar brings to you an exclusive report. Soon after the ploy was exposed last week, CIDCO communicated the cost of Rs. 264 crores as suggested by CIDCO economist D.R.Naik to MSRDC and clarified that there was no intention of giving the said land for Rs. 20.19 crore as recommended by the additional chief transport engineer S Sinha. The prompt action induced or otherwise, has saved CIDCO a possible loss of Rs. 243.81 crores in a single project. The said Mumbai Trans Harbour Sewri Nhava Sea Link Project of Rs 4000 crores in being executed by MSRDC as a coordinating agency on BOT basis. Hence the total viability of the project is the responsibility of the private agency and there is no direct implication to MSRDC. The project cost will finally borne by the private developers of MTHSL, serving the proposed SEZ and Airport, rendering it undoubtfully, a highly profitable venture. The stand taken by N. Ram Rao is in stark contrast to that of ex-CIDCO chief executive Vinay Mohan Lal, who in January 2004 ordered the post of Chief economist to be kept in abeyance and demoted the then chief economist Raje, who commanded a flawless service record in CIDCO for 33 years. V M Lal had then alleged that Raje was not examining the proposal of the marketing department on Scientific and professional basis and ordered the marketing managers to route all proposal in future to the MD without routing it through the Chief Economist. Refuting the allegations, Raje wrote to the then principle Secretary of the State Urban Development Department, Ramanand Tiwari, how her economic analysis on two particular allotments had irked the CIDCO Chief, though it was meant to save the corporations from huge financial loss. The allotments in question were that made to the Jai Ganesh CHS formed by State Legislators and Rahejas, at a grossly underestimated price as per the economic analysis rate. Ironically Vinay Mohan Lal was shunted out of the corporation by the state Chief Minister, leading to a legal battle between him and the state. Even the Navi Mumbai SEZ project, the developers have included all costs of acquisition of lands in there project cost and yet and attempt to acquire lands at a fraction of that cost is being conspired by authorities in ensuring huge financial gain to the developer for obvious favors, alleged village leaders.

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