salmankanActor Salman Khan was present in Kalwa and Mumbra to campaign for NCP candidate Vasant Davkhare who would be contesting from Kalyan. Addressing the crowd that gathered, actor Salman Khan stated that the nation could progress only if good and honest leaders were elected. He stated that one such leader was the LS candidate from Kalyan, Vasant Dhavkhare and appealed to voters to vote for him. He stated that Vasant Davkhare was a long time family friend and the reason why Salman Khan knew him very well. He stated that Davkhare never created any differentiation amongst Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs or Christians and was always there to help them. Later on, Salman Khan sped off his open jeep to Mumbra where a huge crowd had gathered. Vasant Davkhare and other NCP members were present to welcome him here. Here too he appealed to the locals of Mumbra-Kausa to vote for Vasant Davkhare. Vasant Dhaukhare is pitted against BJP-Shiv Sena’s sitting MP Anand Paranjpe. It may be recalled that the last time, when Vasant Dhaukare contested the Lok Sabha elections it was against Anand Paranjpe’s father Prakash Paranjpe. Vasant Dhaukhare had lost the elections that time. While the star appeal of Salman Khan was bound to pull a lot of crowd wherever he campaigned for Vasant Dhaukhare, how many of these convert into votes on ballot day is a wait and watch. From Thane Manoj Singh for NMTV News.

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