sandeep-naik-2Simplicity and modesty – that’s what strikes you the moment you first meet youth leader Sandeep Naik. Sandeep Naik, the younger son of State Minister Ganesh Naik came to the helm of affairs at NMMC at a time when there were growing demands in the fast paced changing times in the developing city of Navi Mumbai. He rose to the occasion and excels. Born in Bonkode – a small village in Navi Mumbai at a time when people from all over the country were migrating to Navi Mumbai, a new city, a futuristic city. Sandeep Naik is his formative years developed leadership skills from being a good sportsman at school. His teachers at R F Naik School at Koperkhairane recall Sandeep Naik’s student days. He imbibed the quality of competence and team spirit from participating in other school activities. Sandeep Naik entered politics officially when he filed nominations of the civic elections of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation in 2005. He was elected corporator. As a corporator Sandeep Naik conducted various civic work. Sandeep Naik is the Chairman of the Standing Committee of NMMC since 2007. His leadership traits are evident from his conduct of the Standing Committee meetings. Though very young, he generously allows the senior opposition members have their say in the meetings. He displays courage in admitting errors by the administration. Sandeep Naik diplomatically handles adverse situations and skillfully handles fiery sessions. Over the years he has learnt the art of committing assurances from officials. Sandeep Naik, as Chairman of the 2nd highest body of the municipal corporation, initiated visionary steps to bring about a change in municipal functionary and making transparent and accountable. Sandeep Naik has set an exemplary example of a relationship of mutual trust and respect between bureaucracy and the elected representatives. Call him the lucky mascot for NMMC, that under his direction various ambitious projects of NMMC have been concluded successfully. This includes the hi tech STP Plants, concretization of the Thane Belapur Rd, completion of Kalamboli Digha pipeline work, mobilizing work on getting 24 hours water supply from Morbe Dam and NMMC HQ. Though the youngest Standing Committee Chairman in the city so far, Sandeep Naik’s maturity is evident as he sums up every subject on the agenda and every motion discussed in the meetings. He evidently does his homework and is aware of every civic issue in the city. This he gathers through “Chairman at your Doorsteps” where he personally visits every ward in the city. Like a true leader Sandeep Naik has given direction to the municipal perspective in the city. Quality and professionalism are his mantra for civic works. Sandeep Naik founded Green Hope in 2007 to promote environmental awareness and initiate an ethical relationship between nature and citizens. He did not stress merely on planting but to ensure in a rapidly growing concrete jungle. Through Green Hope Sandeep Naik involved the participation of small and big industries in a big way, schools and colleges, government organizations and NGOs, social and political leaders and professionals from all walks of life to participate in his 2 lakh trees planting drive this year. Through Green Hope Sandeep Naik is surely attempting to orchestrate environmental harmony for nature’s symphony with Navi Mumbai. Sandeep Naik is a youth icon not merely for his leadership skills but for the multi faceted dimension of his personality. He manages much more than any youth can dare to in all 24 hours every day. From conducting preparatory examinations for board students, to holding youth meets, to organizing sports festivals, career guidance festivals – Sandeep Naik is a role model for today’s youth. Leadership without vision can last only for a short term. However Sandeep Naik’s leadership in the city will stay for a long term. Like a true leader, he has developed a network experts, genuine well wishers and senior citizens whose suggestions and guidance he appreciates and accepts. Beyond any doubts, Navi Mumbai in the young Founder President of Green Hope and the NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik has infuse fresh thoughts and is driving positive changes. On the eve of his birthday we hope that he lives up to expectations and fulfills greater responsibilities in the coming years to justify his iconic stature as the “Generation-Next Brand of Politics in Navi Mumbai”.

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