sandeep-naik-3After successfully reaching out to end citizens of Navi Mumbai’s villages, slums and cosmopolitan area with his drive “Chairman at Your Doorsteps” from his office in NMMC, MLA Sandeep Naik extended the services this drive is rendering to the state level with “MLA At Your Doorsteps”. Arvind Mane walked through Airoli’s young MLA as he visited 6 wards in his inaugural visit of the drive. If you think that all politicians win election and vanish for five years, think again. It might be true for many but not for the young breed of politicians who reviving people’s faith in political leadership. In Navi Mumbai, Sandeep Naik is doing this. He made a mark with his drive “Chairman at your doorsteps” – a drive that started three years ago when he took charge as Chairman of Standing Committee. At that time, Sandeep Naik realized that functioning in the comfort of air-conditioned offices would never help him understand what citizens of the city wanted. For this he needed to have direct interaction with them that too not by waiting for citizens to come to him but by going to their doorsteps. That’s when he started the unique drive “Chairman at Your Doorsteps”. For the last three years, Sandeep Naik visited wards across Navi Mumbai to speak to citizens, understand their problems and get public work done. NMMC officials too had no choice but to pull up their socks and get down to doing public work. The drive was a public winner and one of the reasons why the voters of Airoli constituency elected Sandeep Naik as their MLA. With the aim of continuing the public reach from a bigger office, Sandeep Naik has commenced “MLA at Your Doorsteps”. On its inaugural day, MLA Sandeep Naik visited 6 wards from Digha to Chinchpada. The huge turn out of the public in each ward was indication of not just the success of this drive but also the rising expectations of the public of Airoli from their newly elected young MLA. Since all wards consisted of slums, some wards’ citizens appealed to MLA Sandeep Naik for schools, while some for toilets, hospitals, community center and even MCH. To make these social amenities available for the slums, there needs to be a systematic correspondence and coordination between MIDC and NMMC. Speaking to the media MLA Sandeep Naik said that earlier, as a Chairman of NMMC Standing Committee he could ensure only work that came in NMMC’s jurisdiction but now that he is more empowered as a MLA, he will moot all the pending policy decision work that need to be done through other government offices as well. This includes CIDCO, MIDC, MSEDC and NMMC. He recalled his learning experience that began as a corporator and voiced satisfaction of the work done by him through his earlier drive. He reiterated that when you keep in touch with your voters even after elections, that’s when you can make a team of officials, public and social workers to work for the welfare of a society and community. Exuberating focus and determination, he said that he’ll keep visiting every ward till the problems of that ward does not meet a solution and work needed to be done is done. Perhaps MLA Sandeep Naik is only MLA of the state to be going to the doorsteps of citizens to solve their problems soon after being elected to power. The young MLA’s grassroots activism and new brand of politics is not only setting a precedent but is also playing an active role in revitalising the fate of the NCP party in Navi Mumbai. From Airoli with Arvind Mane, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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