NCP cadres celebrated the birthday of youth leader and NCP corporator Sandeep Naik in the city. In a very short political career, Sandip Naik has come out of the shadows of his father and successfully established an identity of his own. For those who still do not know, Sandeep Naik is the younger son of Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik and the latest entry into active politics. While Supriya Sule’s entry has created waves in state politics, Sandeep Naik’s emergence as a force off late has definitely not gone unnoticed and has robbed the sleep of many senior leaders in the local NCP unit. Political observers feel that with the growing popularity of Sandeep Naik among city youth, a new leader is being born. With his dynamism and conventional outlook giving politicians a new image, Sandeep Naik is bound to be the next heir of the Naik dynasty in the city and in all its probability the next Mayor of Navi Mumbai. With so many welfare and development projects lined up for the city, Sandeep Naik will play an instrumental role in the execution and completion of these projects. A keen sportsman Sandeep, when in Modern College, Sandeep Naik had prepared a report for the improvement and promotion of sporting talents, which was well received. Now in his professional capacity as a modern agriculturist studying and developing new techniques in farming Sandeep Naik has traveled around the globe and actively interacted with agriculturists in Israel and other parts of the world. He is very enthusiastic about implementing some of the best methods to augment increased agriculture produce for farmers in the country. This he has already started in earnest at the family farms in Murbad. As a 1st time corporator he has already proved his concern for his constituency by proposing all the required civic amenities for the ward and the environmental concerns by taking up tree plantation drive. Man whose actions speak louder than his words and there is firm determination behind the soft expression and gentle smiles. He has almost succeeded in shedding the image based on being the son of Ganesh Naik and established his own identity and individuality. Undoubtedly and certainly the new leadership has taken wings – in one word Sandeep Naik has arrived.


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