Ravi-sir-sangamner-eventThe challenging story of NMTV Editor-in-Chief Dr. Ravi Subbaiah’s life has made him an icon for persons with disabilities from Oxford, London to remote areas in Maharashtra. This time it was Sangamner, near Shirdi calling Dr. Ravi Subbaiah to grace a bride and groom introduction ceremony of persons with disabilities as the Chief Guest and inspire and motivate these special people with Dr. Subbaiah’s struggles, battles and road to success. If you have the will, right intentions, integrity and belief in yourself; then even sky is not the limit. That’s what Dr. Ravi Subbaiah’s life teaches one and all. Having battled the fatal diseases of polio, Dr. Ravi Subbaiah has seen life the toughest way possible. After all it’s not everyday that we see people battle the system we live in, fight poverty, abuse and negative forces right from the age of 3 years and grow up to become an inspiration for others like them. That’s why Dr. Ravi Subbaiah’s is a unique, one-of-a-kind story that when told to anyone, irrespective of the country, people, religion, caste or creed – inspires and motivates one and all. That’s why from Oxford in London to the remotest areas in Maharashtra, Dr. Ravi Subbaiah is being seen as a beacon of hope for persons with disabilities struggling to stand up on their own. This time, it was Sangamner near Shirdi that invited Dr. Ravi Subbaiah to grace the special occasion of the bride and groom introduction ceremony for persons with disabilities. Dr. Ravi Subbaiah’s “I Can” way of walking left all in awe of him. Dr. Ravi Subbaiah presided over the ceremony as the Chief Guest of the event organized by local MLC Dr. Sudhir Tambe’s trust known as Dr. Sudhir Tambe Welfare Foundation. MLC Dr. Sudhir Tambe and other members of the trust were also present for the event that began with the lamp lighting ceremony. This was followed by a special presentation in which, Dr. Ravi Subbaiah’s visit to Oxford, London was played for the gathering. Dr. Ravi Subbaiah then felicitated the persons with disabilities who got married by this trust last year. MLC Sudhir tambe gave the welcome speech giving an insight on the work that his trust has been doing. In his address, Dr. Ravi Subbaiah was all praises for the zest with which the Dr. Sudhir Tambe Welfare Foundation is working for the disabled in Sangamner. Dr. Ravi Subbaiah urged persons with disabilities to believe in their individual strength and determination to write their success stories. Dr. Ravi Subbaiah added that he was invited to inspire others but on the contrary he was inspired by the crowd. After the ceremony, Dr. Subbaiah had a heart to heart talk with the persons with disabilities. MLC Sudhir Tambe said that their main aim is to change the perspective of society that looks at persons with disabilities as subjects of pity. Members of the foundation were also in awe and praises for Dr. Ravi Subbaiah. As the sun set and the day came to an end, the trip to Sangamner became another memorable occasion not just for persons with disabilities back at Sangamner who came; up, close and personal with Dr. Ravi Subbaiah but also for the NMTV team – that feels privileged in being led by an Editor-in-Chief who is an icon of inspiration and motivation for the underprivileged and poor. He reinstates belief in the spirit of “I Can Because I Am Able” ! From Sangamner, Raju Sharma and Deepak Kamble for NMTV News.

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