After being elected as MP, for the first time Sanjeev Naik visited and toured Thane railway station to know the problems faced by the commuters. Many demands have been put forward by the commuters such as making the local trains of Karjat-Kasara-Panvel of 12 compartments, establishing toilets on each platform, increasing number ticket windows, stopping the hawkers from illegally using the space in the station premises etc. After electing as the MP, Dr Sanjeev Naik for the first time traveled to Mulund. While speaking to media, Dr Sanjeev Naik informed that after finding out the historical importance of this station, on the grounds of airport, Thane railway station should be done on experimental basis. For this purpose, he would have a discussion with the Railway minister also. He also informed about the other facilities to be provided to the commuters that will include converting 12 compartment locals into 15 compartments, to increase the number of rounds of locals reserved for women, reserving separate compartment for school going students, widening of the flyover in the station premises etc. From Thane, Manoj Singh for NMTV News.

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